About Kramer Web

Kramer Web was started to help small and medium sized businesses gain a presence on the web. I would often get asked by friends and acquaintances if I could create a website for their business, so I thought, why not make a business out of it. I have been creating websites for about 6 years now. I really enjoy helping businesses to get a website up and running so that they have their own "place on the web".

Website Creation

I will work with you to design a site that suits all of your business needs. To get what you want, we will discuss exactly what you're looking for in your site. Keep in mind any websites you have visited that have designs or certain aspects of the site in which you like. After meeting with you, I will design a custom template for your site. At this point, any minor tweaks in the design can be easily changed. After your template has been finalized, pages and information will be put into place. You will always be able to view the progress of your site and if anything doesn't look quite right, changes can be made immediately.


All of my work is based on an hourly fee. This way you only pay for what you get. There are no packages with set prices to deal with.

Site Hosting

I offer website hosting for clients and for anyone needing a place to host their site. If you're interested in website hosting, please visit my Web Hosting page to view what I have available.

Site Maintenance

Site maintenance is simple. Just email or call me and I will have the updates up as soon as possible. If possible, websites can be set up so that updates can be administered by you. Ability to do this will be based on type of content to be updated. Charges for maintenance will be billed as an hourly rate. Updates will be billed to the nearest 15 minutes.